Suspend belief for a few short moments and assume that everything that exists is universal energy. And that we are all connected to an energy grid that sends collective information to our ethereal field. In this reality, one heart truly affects another.

Most recently, a girlfriend who had been dealing with a bad break-up asked me “Where does love go when a relationship or a person passes?” In her mind, it was impossible to think that all that love was for nothing.

I have experienced my own sense of loss and heartbreak through the years and one thing that I know for sure is that Love truly never dies. I learned and felt this when I was guided to connect with source energy.

In a deep meditation, I saw a gold energy cloud that carried a much finer and higher vibration then I felt here on earth. The intuitive I was working with asked me to feel through all those memories of loss, hate, bitterness and resentment and throw them into the pulsating energy cloud. He then asked me to do the same for every memory of love, happiness, and joy.

When both the negative and positives were released, what I felt was this feeling of neutrality, peace and universal love. For energy doesn’t not judge but just is.

It dawned on me that perhaps one of our purposes here on earth (as humans) is to experience all the facets of what being a human truly is and to send that information back to the collective consciousness so that we can all grow and learn with each forgiveness, heart opening and joy. And in that way, we are all collected and truly can give each other the courage to love.

Love when returned as energy does not die but is transformed and shared with all of humanity. And perhaps the biggest lesson of all is that since the ethereal fields changes with each loving heart, as we heal our own individual stories we are raising the vibrational frequency on earth and helping heal the planet and the story of humanity.

Inside of each of us lives the heart of the warrior who loves fiercely, passionately and fearlessly. It was what we are awakening to and our destiny in finding our true hearts.