It doesn’t hold much water for the ill, however, Rebuild, Repair and Renew… now, those are vast…
steve wardrip

True, not within the confines of the application described in the text. However, the same underlying technologies will greatly enable an improved quality of life for people who for various reasons are suffering from illness. Recovery and habilitation, a more active and dignified life for senior citizens, and minimizing visits to hospital facilities for all — personal health quantification technology will make that into an attainable reality for not just the privileged and tech-savvy. We would like to contribute to that happening, and the reason why we do not design our initial solution for those use cases is simply that we believe that the change we want to lead need an engaged tribe of early adopters to raise the tide. Those people we find among the already well and connected, ironically, but with them as the vanguard our hope and goal is to launch a much wider movement.

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