The Princess

She had got it as a gift. Her father mentioned that it was her mom’s favorite color. Every year when Anna would finish opening up all the gifts that she received for her birthday, she sat alone with the small little brown box. It made her feel close to her mom. She decided to get closer to mom and packed her bags and moved to India. Her dad did give her the city’s name but besides that, they both knew nothing. She was an adult now and could explore, though her dad didn’t want her to.

Samukh Ram saw her roaming around the city and felt a sense of déjà vu. Something about her struck him as familiar; very familiar. He couldn’t pin it down. He carried on with his palace duties.

Anna had been in the city for a week now and it was getting hotter. She opened the little brown box and gently removed the long red fabric. She had noticed the men folk wear it.

As Samukh Ram headed to the city again to inquire about fresh feed for the horses, he saw Anna, only this time she was wearing a red turban. His jaw dropped and his heart skip a beat, for, he knew that the queen’s daughter was here.