Ticking Time Bomb

As you approach the labyrinth of life, time seems to freeze.

There are shadows in the moonlit night and whispers in the breeze.

In the darkness, a voice cries out that you are not alone,

but as the night drags on, the only voice left is your own.

As your journey continues, the moon shines down in beams,

and everything is upside down, nothing’s as it seems.

The roses are not flowers, they are fragrant bloodstained lies.

The thorns that hold the the walls so high are daggers in disguise.

“Come with me” the grapevines whisper, enticing you away

to a schizophrenic fantasy where everything’s okay.

The men are dressed as princes and the women seem to glow.

Their gowns transform to violins in a grand symphonic show.

As the beauty of the music echoes throughout the land,

the King of all creation reaches out his hand.

You stare at him in disbelief, the crowd has all gone silent.

But just as you accept his love, the scene turns rather violent.

Demons enter uninvited and cast their beady eyes

upon the most angelic souls to make their sacrifice.

You try to form a desperate plea but you cannot scream or shout;

tbe labyrinth is back again — your maze is running out.

For a moment only darkness, you can’t hear or think or speak.

Then your eyelids start to flutter — you’ve awoken from your sleep.

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