Where I see things going.

I’m using this as a brain dump of what I’ve been thinking on right now re: social networks.

Let’s start with where I see social existing today.

Relationship-Driven Networks

You’re more likely to follow people you know on these networks. Content that you consume is more directed at your relationships more than your interests.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Discovery-Driven Networks

The former viral “actual teen” updates his views on Facebook, Snapchat, and the rest.

(Courtesy of GOP Arcade)

The GOP Arcade is producing tiny, raw, irreverent games based on the news.

I know what you’re thinking… “oh no, not another Pokémon Go thinkpiece. We get it, one of the top fan-focused brands in the world made a game so it’s popular. Let’s move on.”

While it may be easy to dismiss the popularity Pokémon Go and rest it solely on the laurels of the Pokémon brand (which obviously is a significant contributor to its success), I believe there are lessons that other developers and marketers can take from how rapidly the application has grown.

If you’re wondering what Pokémon Go is, have a look at this video:

I know that…

Right now, as a resident in Austin, Texas, I am unable to call an Uber or Lyft. As of 8 am today, both companies have left the city of Austin with no public intention of ever coming back. The reason why the ridesharing companies left was because Proposition 1, a proposition that required a special election for the city of Austin on May 7th, failed. The Daily Dot has had fantastic coverage on the issue, and summarizes it as follows:

Prop. 1 would have replaced an ordinance adopted in December that required TNCs to conduct fingerprint-based background checks. Both Uber…

An analysis of an age-old marketing technique that has regained popularity

The key to success of any consumer-oriented company is the ability to effectively acquire and scale its user base. As college students interested in consumer-focused startups, we see many founders trying to figure out how to acquire new users in a repeatable and cost-effective manner. We’ve noticed an increasing number of consumer-oriented startups have pointed to a campus ambassador program as a key pillar of their user acquisition strategy.

So we asked ourselves, with so many startups targeting the college demographic and using students to promote their products, is…

A few days ago, Kanye West did something only he can do — he hosted sold-out album listening party/fashion show at Madison Square Garden in celebration of his new album, “The Life of Pablo”. After a few days of waiting, his album finally released this past Saturday evening to the general public, but in the days leading up to (and after) the release, Kanye has gone on a myriad tweetstorms. I feel like too often people just dismiss his ideas/tweets as Kanye “just being Kanye” without really listening to what he has to say. …

My first ever original article for Medium was “The Medium Stories I Loved in 2014” and since this is my first full year on the site, I thought it fit to revisit the topic and create a list for this year. Similar to my previous list, there is no specific order for any of these (except for my favorite) since they’ve all had an impact on my life this past year in meaningful ways.

To make it easier, I’ve sorted the articles into categories: Personal Development, Lifestyle, Technology, and Humor.

Personal Development

Next time you have an idea and it gets rejected…

When my good friend Zach Kahn tweeted out his thoughts regarding empathy in the action of unfollowing someone on Twitter, it made me want to jump in with my own thoughts on the topic. We agreed to write this post together as a way to discuss the trend toward more emotion being built-in to social platforms, and how this emotion can help users better express themselves on social sites.

The Problem With “Like”

How mobile live streaming can grow from a niche community into a larger market

A lot of people ask me where I see the future of streaming live video, especially with Periscope and Meerkat launching. These applications allow users to quickly share a live video stream to their social networks (mainly Twitter) where people can open up the link and join in on the stream. Then once on the stream, users can chat, favorite, reshare/retweet the stream, and more. The actions that occur on Meerkat are reflected directly on Twitter while Periscope mostly keeps everything within their app.

It’s also important to note that Meerkat’s streams are only available while you are streaming, meaning…

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