The Medium Stories That I Loved In 2014

It was in early September when I finally decided to sign up, and since then I have been fairly active on Medium. The design of the website is absolutely brilliant and I've found many of the articles to be extremely insightful and in the few months I've found some of them to really resonate with me. Since many are in the spirit of “Top (insert number here)" lists for 2014, here’s a short list of some of my favorite articles I've read since I've joined Medium this year (in no order, except for one).

This is article is regarding why people “hate” Uber and the issues the company is dealing with regarding their brand image. If you're interested at all in corporate communication, this article is extremely useful. It changed how I view the company and the negative press surrounding it.

Circa changed how people consume their news content and revolutionized the “shortening” of articles into bite-sized chunks for users to quickly scroll through. This same technique is being used by many sites today such as The Skimm. In this article, the Co-Founder of Circa offers valuable insight into how he was able to improve Circa’s ratings and give users a more seamless experience within the application.

I love this article because it gives the often less-talked about outcome of starting a startup: failure. There are plenty of success stories out there that people are happy to showcase but when it comes to failure, many stay quiet. In this article, Ali Mese discusses his failed startup and gives advice on what to consider when beginning your own company.

In this post by Mike Krieger, the Co-Founder of Instagram, details the early days of the application and describes how one failed application idea turned into the social media juggernaut Instagram is today. It’s a very interesting read and shows how concepts can turn into products that change the world.

A really comprehensive article that touches on failure in a startup and really dives into why the idea of the startup failed. This article provides seven extremely useful tips to consider when creating your own company as well. This is definitely a piece I have referenced and read multiple times.

This story was the most recommended when I decided to check out Medium and it is what essentially “sold” me to join the site. Marcus Martijin crafts both an extremely interesting and impactful piece that has changed how I interact with Wifi. I think if any article can make you change your actions then it has some importance. This in-depth look into how easy it is to steal confidential data has definitely made me alter my connection habits.

I personally found this article interesting above anything else. Two of the hottest transportation startups (Uber and Lyft) seem extremely similar until you compare their company culture. From there, the companies couldn’t be any more different. This “inside look” from the driver’s seat provides a fresh outlook on both companies.

The most intricate and detailed article I’ve read about starting your own company and the best process in order to make it happen. I have referenced this article many times after my initial read because of how detailed and accurate I find it to be. For anyone thinking to start their own company, this should be near the top of your reading list.

I am very interested in design, particularly GUI (Graphic User Interfaces). This article really interests me because it focuses on how humans interact with computers and dissects some of the fundamental laws that stem from that interaction. It’s especially interesting to see how these laws play into our daily lives and interactions with technology.

My previous mention of my interest in design really comes to light with this article. This article is a a complete deconstruction of one of the most used functionalities of a smartphone, Maps, and the comparison of design decisions by two of the largest technology companies in the world. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a remote interest in design or interfaces.

(Added after original publication) I can't believe I forgot to include this in my original post. This article by Sharky Laguana offers a soultion to the problem Spotify (and other streaming services) are running into in regards to paying royalties. I've listened to 34,000 minutes of music on Spotify this year (you can find out how much you've listened to here) and after reading this article, I have a better understanding just how much my favorite artists have gotten paid through my participation in the service. Laguana offers the most straightforward and logical solution I've seen to this issue and I hope Spotify takes some cues from this article.

My favorite article on Medium this year was…

Trying to write about this article secondhand does it no justice. I never felt like I would have respect for the company that thrives off of making memes, yet this article really changed that. Truly inspiring, emotional, intense, and compassionate. When I need to “sell” someone on why they should join Medium, I will show them this article.

Did I leave anything out? Please write a response, tweet me, or comment with your favorite articles of the year! I’m sure with my limited time on the site I missed some of the gems from earlier this year, so I will be sure to add to this list as I see fit.

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