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It’s not the fault of Adblocking

All the power to you, I dig advertising innovation that increases the control for (and respect of) the user, and leads to more quality content online. (if that is indeed what you’re doing)

That said, I think you’ve overstated the potency of adblocking as an issue, and avoided a far more fundamental one. The issues you’ve outlined are systemic of the nature of digital content and ad networks online, not due to adblocking.

Digital advertising is not like traditional media advertising.

The business of producing content has changed. The publishers of content no longer have effective monopolies due to readership and economies of scale, that traditional media companies counted on.

So yes, please do try to improve the quality of advertising online, but no, providing an alternative to adblocking won’t save journalism.

(also, it seems as if you want me to give you my data, browsing history etc, all so I can see better ads? You’re asking me to use your pipe in exchange for what? Seeing better ads? Seems like a bum deal to me)

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