Grimdark Futures

The thing is if he wins the election it won’t just be Donald Trump’s America.

It’ll be Mike Pence’s America.

It’ll be Pat McCrory’s America.

It’ll be Alex Jones’ America.

It’ll be Tomi Lahren’s America.

It’ll be Martin Shkreli’s America.

It’ll be Milo Yiannopolous’ America (to the extent that he’s part of American cultural discourse).

It’ll be Ann Coulter’s America.

It’ll be David Duke’s America.

It’ll be Adam Baldwin’s America.

The absolute dregs of our species will get to stand up and cry in a loud voice, “See?! We were right all along!” And then they’ll press their advantage.

It’ll be a country in which I and everyone I care about will become Problems That Need Solving basically overnight.

I can’t live in that country. I’m not saying that to be dramatic. I’m saying if you game things out based on how he and his advisors say a Trump Administration will govern, there really is no way I can survive unless I go into hiding. Most of my chosen family are in the same boat.

Even if you put my queerness aside — I have an article published in my (old but still legal) name in a national publication where I made fun of Trump. And I still have an FBI file from 13 years ago. It would only be a matter of time.

Look, friends. Please vote. And please vote for Hillary Clinton. I get that you’re still upset about Bernie — I voted for him in the primaries too. I get that the political process is a fucking joke. I know that late capitalism is fucking us all and there are no good choices and the future looks grim.

But we’re in some serious Last Days Of The Weimar Republic territory here. The media narrative has already dropped the “this is a joke, right?” approach and have move into “maybe it won’t be so bad” territory. Our political and cultural intelligentsia are already operating on the assumption that this is happening. The Trump campaign is actively cultivating an air of inevitability. And more worryingly, between shit like the Milo features and Fallon tousling Trump’s hair and alt-right shitheads getting their own show on Cartoon Network, fascism has been crowned the hot new trend.

Trump might win. And if he does, whether it’s directly through his government or indirectly through a wider cultural embrace of violence and bigotry, people you care about will die.

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