We all have choices to make. Very often you’re thrown into a situation to choose between choices that could result in a positive or a negative outcome. Eventually, sometimes you pick the right choice, sometimes you pick the wrong choice. While life has its own way of determining your choice outcomes, what’s important to understand is that all these choices are made by you.

This power of choice is phenomenal. If you could slow down your brain and analyse the next time you have to make a choice, you will most certainly pick what is best for you. Poor choices are a result of lack of planning and focus.

If you look at life, the less planning you do, the more choices you have to make. The more choices you have to make, higher the number of incorrect choices you eventually make. Plan your life in such a way that the need to make regular choices on a daily basis is dramatically reduced.

More the choices you have to make, higher the chance of procrastination as well. View life as a cycle where no plan equals more choices to make, more choices to make, equals more time wasted on deciding which choice to go with. Time wasted equals procrastination, procrastination equals mediocre work and results.

Take a moment and evaluate your life as of now and come to terms with knowing that everything that you’re today, is a direct consequence of all the choices you have made in the past!

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