Thank you Natalie — one of the most interesting and insightful post I have seen on the Baltimore…
Jonathan Miller

This post gets everything wrong about Baltimore. Life here is not all songs and flowers. The rioting was a very serious and dangerous event and because most of the media missed it they’d like to focus on the silver-lining cleanup and volunteer stories instead. This piece is exactly why so many of us resent the out of town media- because you’re patting yourself on the back for talking about life in Baltimore without knowing the first fucking thing about it. I just wrote 12,000 words right here on Medium about exactly what life is like in Baltimore. Click my profile if you really want to know. Not too many people do because that story has a whopping 38 reads.

Not only do photos not tell the whole story, they can often be misleading. There aren’t any pictures here of the burned out cars or the boarded up businesses or the people who lost paychecks while a lot of us were marching around in the street. There aren’t any photos of the crime scenes where 20 people were shot while you were in town taking these pictures. You could be A. Aubrey Goddamn Bodine and still not even come close to telling the whole story with a lens so please spare us with the collage that shows how your particular Baltimore hot-take is the scorching hottest.

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