The Women’s Health Screenings You Need

There are certain health screenings that women need to remember because they are critical for both assessing and maintaining your health. You can talk to your Fort Worth gynecological doctor to get more detailed information and to set up a screening schedule. A Fort Worth gynecology doctor can also let you know if there are any additional screening tests that would be beneficial based on your age, general health and any risk factors you might have.

Breast Cancer Screenings

Mammograms and clinical breast exams are very important and should be done according to the recommendation by your doctor. It is also important that you do your self-exams on a monthly basis. Your doctor will tell you when you should begin getting regular mammograms and how often you need them. In general, it is recommended that you begin getting mammograms at age 40. However, the frequency depends on your risk factors, history and overall health. Clinical breast exams should be done annually by your doctor to assess your breast health.

Blood Pressure Screenings

Heart disease is one of the biggest health concerns for women, so knowing your blood pressure is critical knowledge. Your Fort Worth gynecological doctor will measure your blood pressure at your visits, so you can easily track this information. If you notice that your blood pressure is high, talk to your Fort Worth gynecology doctor. He or she can help you with medical treatments and lifestyle changes that can aid you in getting this under control. You should also discuss your cholesterol levels with your doctor at least once a year to ensure that they are in balance.

Bone Mineral Density Test

Osteoporosis is a major health concern for women, especially women who have completed menopause. With this condition, your bones become weakened and even relatively minor injuries can result in bone fractures. Bone mineral density testing is used by doctors to determine the health of your bones. This is a test that is not invasive and it gives your doctor valuable information about your bones. If there is a loss in density, there are treatments that can help to strengthen your bones to help reduce your fracture risk.

Eye Examination

Many women do not think about their eyes when they are scheduling their health screenings. However, health issues, such as glaucoma, general vision problems and macular degeneration are all fairly common. When you see your eye doctor at least once a year, if an issue does begin, you will be in a position to get prompt treatment. This can help to reduce the severity, prevent worsening or at least get you started on a treatment that helps to improve or stabilize your vision faster.

Now you have more information about the screenings that can help you to protect your health. A schedule for these screenings can be obtained by visiting your Fort Worth gynecological doctor. If you do not have a regular Fort Worth gynecology doctor, talk to your primary care physician. He or she can refer to you an experienced specialist, such as those at

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