I am told that this world has always been a terrible place. That death and hate and all of the above were written long before I was involved. I am told that we millennials have a duty. That the rest of us are too corrupt or too tired to make change. They have made a mess of things and it is our responsibility now to clean it up. I hear that in wake of our maturity, we are noticing this world around us for what it truly is. I am told everyone else knew, but failed to mention it so blatantly. I, for one, am like minded to the hopeful. I, for one, can see the faults in this place and see that part of my work here will contribute to progress. The problem lies in the definition of progression. She heightens but never reaches her peak. She grows but we are too close to ground to even understand if we are pushing her in the right direction. I am only one person; I know that it takes many like me, with the same realizations, in order stimulate movement against the tides. There is hope somewhere. No point in debating what is set in stone. Stress can kill a man.

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