Social Taboo.

Smooth operator, can you hear me now? Im all alone and no one is home. Deliver to me the resolve of human flesh. All is well within ignorance but what stimulants can we awaken where the taboos run free. You can imagine the satin feel of red rivers. Here you are in the mystery of outstanding id-sation. Allow this to prepare you for futher accord. Have you ever controlled the heroine as it plays its effects on you? Have you commanded with your mental, all sensations, to circulate withing the left… now the right arm. Following this lust, he has not yet cured himself of the poison in his obession upon return to the pink matter. He was born to die again. Our truths are as our familiarities. Peter pan prances happily maintaining his plunder in never ending youth. Take your eyes off of the glow in her skin. Though she dances to your demise, she never fails. The water on the table condenses to nothing. Do you notice our pull from this room to the next? Emotions must be our God. “No!”, shouts the balding pale face. “We are God! All we need is more MONEY”. The judge creates an overwhelming echo in between the spaces of two pieces of wood. There were four laws passed, in that year alone, which supported the Money is God theory. All were content and no officer saw jail time. All is well; I forget the very interest in my upcoming obstacles as I ignite. I am at war but even still I sip from the river in vulnerability. Some days I may enjoy the drink, but on my last I will lose that bet. Pay attention next time to the exiting gray fog which seems to have a destination. I see her closely as the dancing gypsy. Effortlessly graceful at any distribution. I am able to enjoy a moments vibration while my opposing forces rob me of my time and money. Small price to pay, I suppose. Not every need will be met in the world I am kin to. There is piss and chewed gum in an assortment of colors spread accross the street. Nothing gets by the little boy in blue but in honesty, they all want to kill you. Let me explain. Listen to the lessons widely available around, they are almost constant. Every plant which grows, will be in competition with his neighbor. If possible, the two may both share the sunlight. However, if one shadows the other, he will not stop growing for the sake of a weaker being. Relate this. See this. The man serves himself as his family watch him dine. He consumes unnecessary portions in every bite. He chews slowly and delivers long, unforgiving, stares into the eyes of each member. They cry to him, “Look over here Father, we are in need of equal food. All of us wish to be fed, if you would please extend your kindness”. With a giggle he will continue eating. They know better; they are aware of his cancerous greed. In fact, he will finish all foods originally intended for dinner that night. And on to the kitchen he devours what resources the family has left. He quickly realizes that there is nothing more to consume. Insatiable a hunger as such, he proceeds to overtake his family. His wife was the first to go. He has always loved her but the bitch complained the most and in all respect, she was helpless; in no position to form her lips for delivery of commands. His daughter was next, so that she could not further produce plentiful food for herself or others. The last standing was the strapping young man of a son. Handsome and full of life, he had helped his father capture and eliminate the family thus far; after being tricked into unfailing loyalty to evil. The poor lad underestimated the monster of a man which fathered him. He was stabbed in the back, in the middle of the night. Without delay, the Father realized that his thirst was still not quenched and his famish, never satisfied. He resorted to consume the house around him. The man died. They always do.

Dear Reader,

Sometimes you have to journey into the worst parts of your mind. You may not have a choice, as thoughts are generally presented to us. We say terrible things about people we love, hate, and dont even know fully. We look deeper and we find how selfish and down right disgusting our inner can be. Why is this? Why do we tend to become this person on the inside who is constantly recieving a mixture of signals. We then become a machine, processing what is acceptable and what should be disregarded. I ask you this: Who is your true nature? Is it your terrible thoughts or is it the decision you make to deny them? One cannot be without the other; you must have had bad thoughts before you could possibly deny them.

I propose that we have much more power over the self than we perceive, or have ever been taught. Is it your mind which controls you, or are you controling your mind. Emotions are a mother fucker. They make us an extrordinary species, though they often lead to our downfall. Being at any extreme of the scales usually causes distortion in vision. Decision making may be impared when one is crying or rushing for work. I have been indulged in the idea of control. I just know we can do amazing thing if we exercise that muscle.