What are you thinking?

It is to my understanding that nothing is solid enough to lean upon. Perhaps the weight in which I carry, conscious and sub the like, are far to heavy to completely remain grounded in one such thing. Perhaps I dig too deep to ever find grounding of my own. I am told I will become numb to what I know while falling. I am told it is better to remain a float. Your distractions take you far from the pain. They keep you “sane”. I cannot choose the path of my brethren.

As I fall I notice the bits and pieces of reality. Too small to comprehend at first. They then become something great which form tissues of beautifully crafted golden skin. I notice my exposure to everything around me. I’m completely open to the universe. All forces penetrating and influencing my nature. What a beautiful view this is, from deep within the self. I am judge, also jury, remaining bias to what I define as negativity. Crash course! I evade that which wants to destroy me. Along the way I notice those who have repetitively chosen death. My survival looks ahead though my humanity lags behind; urging anyone to join me, leaving their cages to folly. They do not budge. They do not wish to run with me. And I? I have wasted time in pursuit of their safety.

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