Our Matrix of Voices

Writing a blog and publishing our stories can feel scary and extremely vulnerable. As I continue to share, I notice my fears. This morning I read another person’s posting that seemed pertinent and important, and my knee-jerk reaction was “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA — why didn’t I write THAT?!?” Shame washed the cells of my body, and it was some minutes before I could move into the witness chair and observe my self-inflicted trauma. With some tender witnessing and presence, I could then move into my next stage: gentle laughter at the circles of reactivity that run through my brain. Remembering that these are old schools of thought that belie trust in our intuitive knowing. The AAAAAAAAAAAAA of shame can finally shift into excitement: excitement that our matrix of voices is alive and breathing, and that each one can continue to touch and express aspects of the wondrous whole.