Childfree Is A Legitimate Choice
The Nib

Sad that so many people nowadays just think about themselves and consider kids as a burden or another think to take care of, like a car, a pet or a sick grandma. Not sure if that development is something natural, to prevent earth from overpopulation or if that’s something that comes with industrialization and capitalism… To a certain degree a society should be able to withstand such a development. But if it becomes the standard, society will have a lack of young people, which drive forward science, social sector, workers, economy, etc. and will need to import people from other parts of the world which are more reproductive. This might leed to a lack of young people in emerging or developing countries and nurture conflicts around the globe. But we usually prefer thinking only about our small world, than on the bigger scale. It’s gonna be a long way till we think in terms of humanity.

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