Hello Galaxy (not the chocolate)

#Geek #Geekingaround

Hi there I am The Geeky Teen .This my blog! Welcome!

Now let me tell you what this whole thing is all about….

It all started in long ago in a galaxy far far away, well not really but I can’t restrain my geeky side any longer, it has to come out some how, like a… well I don’t think that’s an appropriate metaphor right now. awkward cough

Moving swiftly on,this will (hopefully) become a haven for geeks,those who like the idea of being a geek or if you simply own some tech!

As well as geekin’ around I also love do other things, (I know it’s a shock) I love to take photographs and will also use this to vent my creativity in the medium (see what I did there) of photographs. Also I entered the 500 words competition a few years ago with a story I wrote called “Catching Colors” which got quite far in the competition! So you can expect some of that!

Some time in the future…

But for now Bye!!!!

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