The Things We Do To Geek

My Geek-ish Tendencies

On a day to day basis these are the games that I usually play:

Pokemon Battle Revolution: ( is it bad that my 10 year old brother is better than me)

Mario Kart: (the really old one) I am beast at this and have unlocked all of the extra stuff

Neko Atsume: to help me vent my craving for Japanese culture

Minecraft Pocket Edition: I am a minecraft geek and am unhealthy-ly addicted to this game. My dad, my brother and I at the weekends will play multi-player for hours,then Dad will realize that he actually has chores to do and food to cook. :-)

Nintendo Dogs:The graphics maybe rubbish but it’s still a good(ish) game I am so #retro, well not as much as some…

Microbit: I am not sure if this counts but I’ll roll with it, I got given this a school and am addicted

Kodu: This is a game maker which is kinda simple but I play it when I want a break from the hard core stuff!

Pokemon Go: I am an avid Pokemon collector and am lvl 25. This is a great app for getting my lazy ass out of the house.

Memrise: This is a language learning app and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a language. I am learning Japanese, French, Polish and Latin.

World Of Warcraft:Every night I can be seen either playing or actively talking to my dad about game strategies. This may not be healthy but it’s certainly fun.

My boyfriend: okay so I know you guys don’t know my gender but it’s female. You might have guessed. Anyway my boyfriend is amazing and means the world to me, he also happens to be an amazing gamer. He has a Black Widow keyboard and we talk mostly online.

Talking: 80% of what comes out of my mouth is geek. 10% is sarcasm the other 10% is some irrelevant rubbish that nobody understands.

Let’s not forget to mention:

My constant wearing of my Geek Glasses and you may think that that doesn’t count because I need glasses but I don’t. It just allows me to leave the normal me and become somebody else, like reading a really good book.

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