Sit-ups won’t give abs.

Eating less crap will.

Apr 4, 2014 · 1 min read

Try this:
Make a fist with one hand, then cover said hand with the free hand (as if playing rock, paper, scissors) with the palm facing down. Now, with the hand that’s making a fist, open and close the hand or make random hand gestures.

Can you see the hand that’s making the gestures?


Is that because the hand, thats covering the gesture hand, blocking the view?

The gesture hand is your abs (or abdominals) relaxing and contracting as you breathe, or do sit-ups. The hand thats covering is the layer of fat covering the gesture hand.
No matter how much you move the gesture hand, the ‘fat’ hand is going to be covering it up.

Take the ‘fat’ hand away, or make it thinner and you’ll gradually start to see the gesture hand (if it were possible to make your own hand thinner).

Want to see your abs? You’ll need to loose the fat thats covering them up.

A rule I’ve noticed around the interwebs is loosing body fat (not loosing weight, thats a different subject) is around 70% diet (everything that goes into your mouth) and 30% exercise. Give them both 100% and you’ll see results.

Good luck.


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