About these stories

A few days ago I’ve received an invite to on-site interview at Facebook.

Recruiter was very kind and send a big email with a lot of information about how to prepare to the interview and also said to take all necessary time to prepare properly.

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The posts I’ll publish won’t be a prominent story about how I landed a 6-figure job having zero experience or how I negotiated a very cool salary. I already have software engineering job at a nice tech company, bachelors in computer science and some level of skill in solving algorithmic problems. However I’m not a professional “contestant” of programming competitions and I’m not able to solve 95% of the problems that one can find on the internet in less than 15 minutes (including coding). Instead it would be posts about some findings I discovered during preparation.

Algorithmic problems are a good for brain health (at least I believe they are) and interesting and interview at Facebook is a good cause to consistently solve a few ones each day.