Fast & Low-Fee Infrastructure for Powering Decentralized Economies :HARMONY

Hi, Today I give my review about Harmony . It is an Opensource Decentralized Blackchainbased platform for scaling consensus.

It already completed their IEO on the Binance Launchpad system and also get Success hear

Harmony support 10Billon people request at a Time. That must faster and secure Services it given.

It's main moto is to giving SHARDING services at Minimum Fee. It act as a Bridge between scalability and decentralization efforts.

It's TOKEN name is ONE, Hear we see their price chart. It continuesly getting good position.

There is lot of Blackchain based Decentralized services, from among those Harmony different because this platform using Harizontal Sharding technology powerd by Zilliqa network. So we get Very fast Transactions for Low gas fee.

Harmony is developed for WORLD'S DATA Decentralization, both for Academic and Industries.

On using we get Scalable, secure data driven processes between users.

For Example, There is lot of paid courses available. In each course they split with number of Chapters . Some need only specific information only no need complete course. But generally they pay for entire course so hear they lost his money and Time too. But on using HARMONY Platform they pay only particular chapter and no need pay for entire course.

Like that we benifited in several Fields. In Gaming field Harmony services is very useful. Because hear sigle Second also big role on winning or loosing the game. In this field we need fast and fast Transportation. On using Harmony services we get all those at minimum fee.

Harmony Platform contains good Team too.

Useful site links for getting more details regarding this platform



White Paper



Disclaimer - This is my submission for the @originalworks writing competition found here

Thanking you

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