Internet Campaign Calles for Iran to Get Out of Syria

Photo : @themediaexpress

On a Facebook page, various activists are calling for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to get out of Syria. They say that the IRGC is “the main tool used by Iran in Syria”.

According to the video posted, the National Council of Resistance of Iran-U.S. (NCRI), every month hundreds of forces from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan (countries where the regime is involved in frontline combat) are receiving military training, before being dispatched back to their home countries to wage war and terrorism.

Activists from Iran and Syria are calling for the IRGC to be labeled as a foreign terrorist organization, and have started a campaign under the hashtag #BlacklistIRGC and #IranoutofSyria. The campaign, which began in February, is set to continue with the hope of building international support.

“Iran is using militias everywhere to oppress people,” said one Syrian activist. Another said likened the IRGC to an occupation force and urged the blacklisting of the IRGC. “Syrian people, it’s okay…because they are killing us!” said another activist.

A Twitter feed has grown with international support. One tweet asked how much Assad now owes Iran for its support and argued that Syria belongs to its people.

The evidence of Iran’s influence throughout the region has been seen in the increasing instability of many countries. Others, such as Bahrain, are fighting to keep Iran out, but finding that more difficult to do in light of Iran’s connections with militants throughout the country. Weapons are also being found as evidence of Iran’s activity in Bahrain.

It is clear that Iran, despite its denials, is actively funding various militias and terrorist groups throughout Syria and the Middle East. This is happening at the expense of the Iranian people, who still deal with high unemployment and various issues relating to a weak economy. Various Iranian resistance groups are also supporting the campaign, including a tweet from the NCRI-Arabic.

Others call Iran a tyrant who is sending militias and thugs to support Assad’s government. Various messages in support of the campaign come from around the world. They include messages against Assad using Iran as a prop to maintain power and demanding that he negotiate without Iran.

Yet, even with their meddling inside of Syria, activists noted that no government has thought to name them as a terrorist group, despite their horrific acts against the citizens of Syria. On April 2, the campaign asked for support by filling Twitter with these hashtags, and the campaign continues to grow.