Writing Therapy

Daily life takes a huge toll on one’s wellbeing whether it’s office politics, family relationships, social expectations and the daily struggle to make ends meet, they all place a burden on your state of mind dramatically effecting your quality of life.

To cope with all the stress many have taken to different practices such as spirituality and meditation, hobbies and pastimes or something basic as a good old book and a cup of hot chocolate. But there exists another tool that can be used to cope with stress with magical results that is writing.

The golden art of writing, an ancient craft as early as human civilization it has been there as a visual representation of our inner thoughts and spoken word. Writing is the manifest of art, thought and humanity as it is a raw element something that makes humans human.

With this raw form of expression of the human soul bringing our deepest thoughts to visual existence man has been able to iterate this art to many languages, scriptures and typography resulting in a beautiful corpus of mankind.

Given this basic human art form many of us forget how natural and how beautiful the flow of ink to a ply of paper resulting in the visualization of one’s thoughts with today’s cluttered and fast paced life filled with digital screens occupying most of our eyesight’s time.

Stress is an inside issue with one’s mind thus to tackle an internal struggle is to take the remedy to the inside of one’s thought and mind. Writing can be used to cope with stress by writing one’s thoughts down on and maintaining a journal where noting down thoughts has a tremendous and unexpected effect on one’s state of mind.

Keep a journal of what you are grateful for on a daily basis, or summarize one’s daily lessons learnt as life has so much meaning which we pass ignorantly every night. Writing is a dying art form which has a raw human nature to it, it is one of the elements that makes us human.


My Midori Traveler Journal