“Know-it-all” Syndrome & It’s cure

Know-it-oll ( medical syndrome )
a condition in which a person thinks he knows everything possibly because he hasn’t met with smarter persons. 
Example : Jim thinks he has engineering degree so he knows it all.

I’ve been in client business since I was in 11th standard.

I Started off by writing content, then moved on to designing WordPress websites, also managed a web-design agency, and finally founded a company that offered content marketing services.

I’ve been exposed to hundreds of people with “know-it-all” syndrome. If you’re in freelancing industry, you’d relate to this. Being a content writer, I don’t get more irritating clients as much as my designing team does. We’ve literally spent a full day, from 9 to 5, on a single logo.

Usually, I don’t drop a lot of commands on my designer. I just give him a broad idea, then let him do the technical work. But most of our work isn’t in-house projects, they’re client projects. Due to this, my designer has to co-ordinate with clients.

This is where things take wild twist. The people who are in business, they don’t think that they know it all, they do realize that if they didn’t knew logo design this is why they outsourced it in first place. But small business owners and individual think other wise. They believe that they are the all mighty. This makes the work hard.

In content writing, my work is done in at maximum of 2 revisions. But in graphic design, my team has went as far as 34 revisions and still client picked up the first one.

This doesn’t only happen with freelancers. I have met people who think they’re smart outside as well.

If you are such a person, I can understand. I was somewhat same, but lucky for me, I grew out of it. I recommend that you start by reading more and more books, especially biographies of successful people. Also, try your hands on new tasks. Such as you know how to ride bike like professional and you keep doing it, you’d obviously think you know everything. Take a break and try to learn a new skill, such as cooking.

Ps. I don’t intend to mock, or make fun of anyone via this article.

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