Sometimes, He’s Just That Into You

In all my years I’ve been with only a couple, maybe a few, that really hit a certain nerve. That really really mattered.

That I happily gave the appropriate space in my mind to bask in the glory of the thought of their very existence.

When I sang in the shower, I sang to them, even when they weren’t there. When I experienced events, the events became better because they were in the same world as me.

When I kissed them, I kissed them with purpose, to deepen the love, each and every time.

I wish every day felt like those days but I suppose those days would not feel so special if every day was the same. You get those floods of emotions only a handful of times in your life.

My suggestion: wallow in them when they come along because it may be a decade before you get wiped out again.

Still, the key is passion. So often when our hearts are broken and the easy reaction is to say “I won’t get hurt again”, but in order to get hurt, you have to put yourself out there.

In order to experience the passion, the love, the amazing feelings that come, you have to first put yourself out there.

So the crossroads presents itself: stay reserved or chase passion. I can say this, with 100% certainty — always, always chase passion. The pain that is almost inevitable is a small price to pay for the upside of the highs that come in giving your heart to another.

Not all men have the balls to chase passion. Sometimes they make you think they are chasing it because they don’t want to lose you, so they fuck with your head to keep you in circulation.

But sometimes, just sometimes, he really is just that into you.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.