Consent Nonconsent, Rape-Play, and This Blog

This is not a sexy post. It may be hard for some people to read.

Anybody who follows this blog closely will recognize that I try, albeit not successfully all the time, to avoid rape-play and consent nonconsent (CNC) as a general blog topic. A few posts have made their way in that walk a fine line but they have been removed, to the best of my knowledge.

Some GIFs imply a person not enjoying themselves, and I have tried to pull those as well. I am not talking about rough sex, by the way. I am talking about a person truly hating what is happening, as the cameras are rolling, but suffering through it because she is a porn-star and that is the life she chose.

I suppose this is where I act like a responsible person and realize that thousands of people see my blog, and it’s time to address a very real and disgusting painful topic many women have come to know personally, as well as many men. That painful experience, of course, being the victim of rape.

With a large audience now, I hope I can reach a few people out there and plant that seed that no matter how rough it gets, and no matter how “Dom” you feel as it happens, it still is and always should be a consensual act.

The moment you hear “no”, “stop”, a safeword, or recognize in your significant other that she is not with you and not enjoying this, you need to stop because no matter what she said in the beginning, you are raping her. You are changing her and yourself, in that very moment, and you just don’t want to be that guy.

I see this shit all around Tumblr and it makes me fucking sick. This newfound love of the idea of rape. I get that plenty of people like the fantasy of being taken, and I personally know the hotness of a rough “take you” scene, but when “no” or a safeword is present, I sure hope that somebody out there is smart enough to be introspective at this moment and ask themselves what they might do when that time comes when she really needs you to stop.

As I said, this isn’t a sexy post. But I kind of feel an obligation to say something, as I keep seeing this vile rape promotion everywhere throughout this cesspool of Dom-morons who keep celebrating this shit like it isn’t against the fucking law.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, my heart goes out to you, but please do us all a favor, find that inner strength, and act on it, and send these fuckers where they belong.

Sexual assault resources.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.