Breaking Bad

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This title is a bit misleading but still carries weight with me for other reasons so I let it stand.

You see there really is no bad behavior to break with you, Kitten, only guidance that is always followed.

Daddy is just so proud of you.

And should there be any bad behavior, and punishments be needed, I hardly think a spanking is going do anything but make you wince, giggle and then say “please, another.”

You like carrying those marks around of me, don’t you? Sitting down and remembering the sting of my hand over your beautiful feminine ass cheeks.

Me watching those soft cheeks go from white to pink to red, pretending my hand isn’t numb from the hard slaps, over and over and over, as I witness you getting something so fulfilling out of me.

Knowing you’ll look in the mirror every day for the next week, giggling and smiling and biting your bottom lip in pride.

Proud of your marks.

You should be.

A constant reminder of your vulnerability to me, and my vulnerability to you, when you sit your ass down in a chair.

That ownership and pain reminder of me marking your apple bottom gets you wet and you fucking love it, don’t you?

Wait. Are you wet just reading this? Did you get wet again? Come on. Tell the truth.

Damn you are such a dirty little girl.

Didn’t think I get more proud.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.