Your Eyes Are Mine Too

Yes, Kitten. When I said “All of You”, I meant it.

Giving me your arms and legs is one thing. Giving me your holes is another. But there is something terrifying about giving me your sense of sight.

When asked what my biggest fear is, besides losing my cognitive ability, it has always easily been this — my sight.

But now I want you to trust me with yours.

I am going to wrap my tie around your eyes a couple times so that you have no chance of even seeing light. I’ll do it well like I do everything, and then I am going to make you wait.

For what feels like an eternity to you.

Playing with the thoughts that I know are streaming through your beautiful mind, your anticipation will be at an all-time high, expecting me to do something yet nothing will happen in the dozens and dozens of moments you tell yourself “okay…this is it right here. I know it”.

Moving around and shifting positions in your nervous state, I will be sitting back in total silence, watching your every move.

Taking in your naked beauty, soaking you in and working up a game plan in my mind of which body part I will wreak havoc on first, second, and third.

I might have to weigh my options for a while.

You hear me walk up to you. Then I will walk backward. Then again. And again.

It will torture you without even one touch and I will have you right where I want you when I finally make my move on you.

Docile. You will have given up on guessing anymore. I will shock you with my physical presence and when I come at you I am coming at you like a runaway locomotive.

I am snatching those orgasms right from the depths of your soul and you will feel them as if they were in surround sound because all your senses will be heightened.

Tick tock, Kitty Cat. I just started the foreplay right now.

Tick tock.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.