Tender. Isn’t She?

Touchy today, Miss Tumblr?

Mr. Blog is insatiable of late, so don’t worry, because I know how you feel. I mean really, really insatiable. I’ve even been walked in, with my hardness in my masculine hand, stroking away in my lust of you.

Unhinged. Swept up in the idea of you, Miss Tumblr.

Yes, you.

I really want to take your body apart like a jigsaw puzzle, then tactfully and slowly put you back together again.

Sliding one piece after another into you, then another, then another. I will eventually begin to see the landscape of your sinful dark parts, coming into focus for me, as I question what I am really seeing, until I reach a certain point where I know what I am witnessing, in you.

I see the slow formation of an image that starts to make sense to me, brushstrokes painted in your lustful giving of your body to me.

The edges are the best part I find, wouldn’t you agree? I think we should focus on those ‘edges’, Miss Tumblr.

No? Well good thing for us, I make all the decisions.

So, hands down to where your panties are supposed to be Miss Tumblr, if you are not already there with me. Imagine a man, with a door locked behind him, and a hard beautiful cock in one hand. Typing has become difficult, but still, there is no sacrifice too far for you, Miss Tumblr.

I am waiting. Are you touching yet? Well?


There we go.

Such a Good girl.

Now find that sweet spot and build a steady rhythm, and let me flip over the box of your beautiful puzzle while I spread you out across the mahogany. I intend to stand above all your puzzle pieces and study every bit of you, all before I ever put my hands on you. Besides, my hands are occupied right now, remember?

As I undress your undressed body with my eyes and leer upon your feminine form, I am looking for the first place to touch. I am asking myself questions now.

What shall I pick up?

Your insides? Mmmm….How I love your inside pieces, Miss Tumblr.

Maybe that little pink piece up top? She is devil piece, isn’t she? She seems to be able to fit into every situation. She just is such a dangerous one.

Maybe just your neck? Not that tender little backside piece, right? Those twin ones up top?


No, I know exactly where I want to start. I have been playing with it already, in fact. It is your most wonderful piece of all.

Your beautiful mind.

So Miss Tumblr, come let me paint a landscape for you in a thousand pieces. Let me put you back together and make you feel whole for once. But you have to lay flat, and as I touch you, you have to do me one favor as I tell you a story, and you have to touch that pussy for me, for you, for me.

One caveat though.

Remember when I said we were working on the edges? You really didn’t think I was going to leave that alone, did you?

Oh dear. You really should know me better by now, Miss Tumblr.

So here is your Task, Miss Tumblr.

I want you to put the most intense vibrating toy you can find, right up against your clitoris, and hold it there until you are about to explode.

Then stop.

I want you to look at the clock when you do it.

I want you to put that right back on your clit again. Then stop. Then again. Then stop. Then again. Then stop.

After 10 minutes of this torture…

I want you to get up, drive to the local gas station, market, store, whatever. You don’t even have to go inside.

Then finish yourself off. Right there in the car.

You will be a puzzle, who fell apart, then somehow felt whole again.


Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.