Say It With Your Chest

Strong women slay me.

Alpha women, who feel an internal burning desire to be submissive. Yeah, that is the girl I break down over.

Are you needy? Don’t have your own shit to worry about? I am sure some boy will be very happy coddling you and reassuring your passive-aggressive nature.

Just not me.

I do something wrong: I want you to say it, with your chest.

I want to know you have a backbone. I want to see it, in your accomplishments.

I melt, for Miss Take Care of Shit.

I withdraw, from Miss Take Care My Shit For Me.

To see you weak at the knees for me is a fucking gift like no other. Staring down at you, needing to release yourself into me.

Needing, to stare up at me and ask me for permission. To ask me, for something.

To just ask.

To need to.

You don’t ask for shit all day long because you don’t have the time to sit around and wait for things to get done. You do it yourself because that is just how you are built.

But at the end of the day, you still need to hand yourself over to me and be totally vulnerable for me. You have no idea how I need to be totally vulnerable to you too.

You still desperately want to embrace your submission. You need it now. It is eating you alive. You must give.

But only to somebody who earns it.

Well, come take my hand, dear.

Let me earn it.

Because when I do, I am handing myself to you and every ounce of passion I possess along with it. I am feeding you me, in every way you can fathom.

Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.

Pressing my heart into yours and grabbing you by the hair when I do it. Weak for you and only you. A kiss, you break you down and myself along with it. We get closer as we lock in and you see Mr. Big Bad Tough Guy turn into a fuckin heap of whatever-you-need-me-to-be.

Hands encompassing your neck and squeezing your alpha presence right out of you as you drift away into Where You Always Wished You Were.

Grabbing what is mine, right between your legs, and claiming you in my nonverbal language. Mine, goddamn it! Mine! All Mine!

And I, yours.

Devouring you so I can show you my passion and watch you cum as you do it.

Feeding my thickness right inside you and I see your face is in heaven now. You have released yourself now.

You are where and when you need to be.

Just be, Kitten.

Just be.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.