You Are My Good Little Girl

Right now you have more bourbon running through your system than you probably should. You are extra horny and I am not there and it fucking pisses you off that I cannot satisfy you because my little Kitty Cat needs some satisfaction right now.

She is a good girl and she deserves it.

This week you have made me proud in so many ways I cannot even count them, but right now, “Drunk Kitten” is fucking horny and she needs to rub her pussy, so Daddy is going to provide her with some material, custom-made for her to sneak away into a back room and rub that pretty little pink bean until the waves run down your body.

So find that happy state of mind, Kitten. Get horny for Daddy.

Paint a picture in your mind. Think of the past or think of the future.

Imagine the setting. Can you picture it? Can you see me?

Can you see my face? A white wifebeater tank top is all I am wearing, just kicking off my shoes, then my socks, unbuckling my belt and dropping my jeans to the floor. My green eyes as happy as they can be, all due to the presence of you.

Can you picture me? My beard?

Keep rubbing, Kitten.

Can you see me placing my hands onto your shoulders and pushing you firmly yet slowly up towards the bed?

Keep rubbing.

Imagine the white linens. How do they feel on your back? A little cold?

Your pussy is soaked at the idea of us. Your wetness is right in front of you. Yes, it is, isn’t it? Soaked. Dripping wet.

Imagine my ambition. You already know what is coming: my mouth, placed right over your clit, flicking you faster and faster until you cum and when you do I am never satisfied with just one, so I push for another, and another, and another, and another.

Keep rubbing, my love. Keep going.

My fingers inside you now while you lay on your back and those linens are no longer cold. You’ve been squirming a while now and your body is flushed, yet you look down and you see in my eyes that I am nowhere close to being done.

I need more orgasms from you. I am starving for them.

Keep rubbing, my good, good girl.

Your G spot is on my fingertips, my mouth over your clit, your ass now being penetrated by my other hand’s fingers. Now those linens are damp from the sweat building on your back. There is a puddle beginning to form between your legs, which acts as a reminder to me that I need to make you squirt. So one and on your abdomen and the other thrashing away at you. You are spent as you gush for Daddy.

Keep rubbing, Babygirl. Pick up the pace now.

My cock thrust deep inside you and I fuck you so goddamn hard and well you cum your best orgasm yet, staring me right in the eyes as you do, falling apart as the head of my cock floods you with my warm cum and you finally feel your body get a chance to let up.

Still rubbing, my angel?

Now cum.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.