Step Into My World

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I look at you as stoic as any man can.

Emotionless as the furniture I sit on. The stare I stare is a fugazi with the intention of selling you a false premise; that I am cool, calm and collected.

Unshaken by the beauty you present to me. Unfazed, by your presence.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your effect on me could be measured in Richter points, as my heart beats like a drum and I try my very best to maintain the face of a statue. I am trying my damndest to not let a bead of sweat run down my head.

I can’ let you see me weak for you.

Not yet.

There will come a time for that but now is not then.

Your submission. Your gift of giving. Of giving yourself to me, is something I have to appreciate internally for now, and hold firm.

The build-up is paramount to the experience.

I don’t know if I can hold firm much longer so I stand up, walk across the room, a beating heart hidden under my sports coat, and I reach my dominant arm out to encompass your delicate neck.

Firm. Always firm.

Shoving you against the wall. Pinning your arms above your head with one hand, the other swiftly splitting the sliver of space between your panties and your skin, rummaging around your wetness as I kiss your mouth with the intensity to send a shock wave down your spine.

Kitten, I’m now going to make a meal out of you now, figuratively and literally.

Bury my face between your legs with the intention to send you into the stratosphere. You will now experience the best this man can offer. An astute man at that, paying attention to every kinetic jolt you show me.

Climax after climax after climax, I wallow in the self-indulgent pride of setting you free over and over. Entering you is a prize to us both after you are practically wiped out.

You see the end is near. The end you never want but desperately need now because your body just can’t take much more.

Finish with a hair-pulled, neck-grabbing, hate-fucking with aggression, then rest that picturesque face on my chest so I can pet the head I think about every minute your not around.

Step into my world, Kitten.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.