You Will

And you will love it. The taste of yourself, dripping with passion for me. My fingers just leaving your body and pushed right across your taste buds.

You will suck them. You will enjoy every last drop of yourself glistening my fingers.

I will kiss you at this moment. I will savor you, with you. I will savor the lust you have for me, in liquid form, as my mouth meets yours and my glistening fingers are in our mouths.

There is nothing subtle at this moment.

This is when the message is sent. This is when the message is received. The message is: what happens next — there is nothing vanilla about it.

I will not ask for permission.

I will not be forgettable. You will give your will to me and I will take it. And we will be one being in our darkened romance.

So savor. Savor you on me.

Because what happens next, is going to blow your mind.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.