Time To Dive Deeper

When I get my hands on you — rest assured that my focus is determined.

I will bring your mind to a place you haven’t been yet and you will thirst for it when it is gone.

This place I speak of — we have passed through as tourists, but we will be staking a claim in our property this time.

I — will be claiming my property — to be more accurate. In the form of your most vulnerable and submissive side, Kitten. Now, not in some pretend shitty dark and ominous way, but in a very real and vulnerable way.

I am your protector and I need to be that for you, so allow me to be him. Just trust in me, open yourself up, and I will take it from there, darling.

I will tend to your mind in a way you didn’t know possible. I’ll tend to your body equally as intensely.

You will submit to me in a way you only read about on experienced, submissive female blogs and forums; in detailed nonfiction books that you cannot buy just anywhere. You will recount their stories and remember the days when you read “what if”. You will see this level of submissive serenity in ways the soft erotica books you’ve read don’t even scratch the surface on.

You will crawl across the floor to me and be happy when you do.

You will beg.

You will feel secure in every step as I lead you. You will cum as intensely as you can imagine. The pleasure and pain principle will crystallize in your mind while you experience it, as red marks decorate your delicate feminine grace, yet for some reason, those red marks will seem so right.

You will experience aftercare by somebody who deeply cares about every single part of what makes you who you are.

You will see a man in front of you in complete adoration of you in a way you only dreamed of before.

Feelings and emotions that you only ever experienced in brief flashes while in solitude upon listening to the songs that spoke to your soul will become clear and sustained as I stare right into you and play your body like it is an instrument that only I have the sheet music for.

You will witness a level of worship that is beyond my ability to express, no matter how many paragraphs I write. No matter how many attempts I try to capture this idea.

All I ask is that you give me everything you are.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.