Your Owned Owner

Did you happen to realize that you have been leading me around by your collar?

That string on your wrist might as well be on me, after all.

I think it was supposed to signify that I am in control of something, but every time I tend to try and have an independent thought, it always ends up about becoming a thought about you.

About your beautiful mind. You scent. Your laugh. You hair.

I might as well just hand you my balls, but lookie there, you are already playing with them and running those feminine hands across them.

You like them, Kitten, don’t you?

Pulling them into your mouth as you show Daddy what skills you have. My God, you blow my fucking mind. Licking them and sucking them and giving me that eye contact, you just look so ambitiously sexy as you do it.

Daddy couldn’t be more proud of you. You sure know how to feed my ego.

Granted, I may be the one sending you some tasks, providing you structure, giving you guidance, spanking your ass, and being your Wolf, but nowhere did I ever read I was going to end up in your hands so delicately. Still, I’d have it no other way.

The vulnerable Dominant. A big bad pushover. Softie with a capital D. Only for you though, Kitten. The rest of the world can kiss my fuckin’ ass.

You have me, completely. You know I am going to make you pay for that, right?

When I get my hands on you, I am going to show you my Love in an onslaught of body-rocking orgasms that you just cannot handle and when you say “okay, that is enough”, I am going to just be getting started.

You will cum more times that you thought your body was capable of. Double digits will have came and gone in what feels like last year. You will beg me for more with your body, but less with your words, and I will remember the control you hold over me at this moment.

I will kiss you like I mean it because that is the only way I know how to kiss you. But then I will remember your power over me, and I’ll get emboldened and make you cum again, against your will. I

Devouring your sweet wet pussy until you buckle, then I will ignore it even happened, and I’ll pretend it didn’t, and I will do it again, and again, and again.

Then I will remember I have these firm hands to use, so I’ll use them. I will rub that clit I own and that G spot of mine until I break you down again until you cum hard for Daddy.

But I will ignore that too so that I can feel as though I have a goal to achieve. And when that next one comes, I will ignore that too. I will keep on doing this until I am satisfied, and that will take some time, but then I will remember…

That we have some toys. And I will fill your holes to the brink and pulse electricity across your overworked sensitive parts — and I will you see behave as though possessed by an evil spirit — and I will know that this evil spirit is me.

You will buckle more times that you can count.

Then I will feed you my demon seed. I will press my hard cock deep inside you and you will finally feel the elation of our connection, as will I.

Punishing you with intense ecstasy for what feels like an eternity to you and a brief moment to me, all because I am just so goddamn weak for you.

So weak for you, Kitten.


Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.