My Hardened Shell

Winning my heart is no small task.

I’ve said “I Love You” to two women, ever. If you receive me, you will have the best this man can muster, and darling, you bet your ass I can bring the goods.

My daughters get my soft side. The rest of the world can go fuck off. I protect mine. I protect my heart.

Be careful about getting too close. You’ve been warned.

But should you break me down? Break down my hardened shell, I can Love like an 80s movie. I want nothing more.

But until then, I’ll find solace in the panties I wet, the pussy I eat, the orgasms I force upon you, the career I build, the Alpha presence I bring in the meeting rooms, and the scoffing looks I peer at lesser men who somehow forgot how to love their own children.

My focus is unaltered. I’ll fuck like a madman. I’ll bring passion in all I do. I’ll keep this fucking gift a heart for the daughters I raise and some woman that will awaken in me that same kind of loyalty.

Until then. I’ll keep this hardened shell.

I like it. It fits well.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.