And The Hills Are Alive

With The Sound Of Music

Apr 17 · 2 min read

Distinct and intoxicating would be the way I would best describe it.

Your subspace voice carries a sound that only I know really well — even you are hazy on the tune.

It’s when you have had more than your fair share of passion at the hands of me, as edging and all the BDSM I can muster has overcome your physical form, and you slip off into another world where endorphins have consumed you for what feels like an eternity now.

There comes a point when you’ve sunken firmly into La-La-Land and your voice becomes almost incoherent, but the sound in your song is like no other moment in our passion. I hear you fight yourself to get out the words, “thank you, Daddy,” as the aftercare commences and I become proud of the kind of Dominant man I am, and how I tend to you in these moments.

I see in you a sense of release not found anywhere else in your entire life, and I witness while everything becomes surreal to you. But at this same exact moment, everything becomes vibrant and crystal clear to me. It’s like a recording started in my brain and I capture it all in high definition.

The smell of your perfume carries new energy for me; the flavor of your sweat, now amplified.

The way your hair sticks to your neck; the way your eyes open and close with so much difficulty. The color of your olive skin adjacent the redness of your ass cheeks; the smile that visits, then leaves your face, over and over and over again.

I see it all with a renewed sense of clarity.

And yes — your voice — at this very moment, has never been more beautiful to me.

This is the voice that only I get to know well.

After being bound to the bed with a Hitachi on your clit, my aggression I squeezing your feminine neck as I pound relentlessly at you deep, your ass red from being spanked into oblivion.

I look into your eyes and you know I have more in store for you. Which toy will I pull out next? What does Daddy have up his sleeve? The thoughts I see whirling around your mind as feed your body more orgasms as watch each one taking a little more out of your tank.

Each one, bringing you a little bit closer to that sound in your voice I that long for — your sweet subspace voice.

That voice, that only I get to know.

The Romantic Dominant

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Erotica from a male perspective. Middle-aged American Dominant. Read-Enjoy-Touch. Website: Medium archive:

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