Undeniably Type A

There is something I fucking love about a long hard day of work. Burning the midnight oil to turn out another bid that makes the competition look like fucking garbage.

Bringing my A game to slap a decision down in front of another potential client to send big sums of money to the people that write my paychecks. Bring it the fuck on.

I fucking love it. A break from my work’s art for 10 minutes to slide away and yammer on about dicks in butts to the needy little touchy ladies of my Tumblr lust. You sexy fuckers are just more fuel to my fire.

I seriously wonder about men who don’t see Work as a form of vindication. I relish in my accomplishments and it just brings me more bravado for the ultimate moment, when I lay my head down at night, reach across your body, hand diving between your lush thighs and my ego is at full-fucking-tilt.

Watch out bitch, Mr. Full Of Himself is about to run you into the ground. 3am? I don’t give a fuck. I work my fucking ass off and right about now is when I show you how much of a hardass I can be.

Papa is gonna show you what a real Man looks like. Bite down on that pillow, cause Kitten, I’m bringing my Alpha mode, Type A, “big boss is in town” kinda attitude and I’m about to unleash him right on your pink little soft parts.

Now call me Daddy.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.