You Need To Do What I Say Now

I know you are a strong, very capable woman.

I wouldn’t waste my time if you were not. I am just too in-tuned with what I need at this age, so Miss Giant Tits Dingbat Gold Digger can partner up with some shallow fucker because I am not getting suckered in by some big set of boobs fixed to a person who can’t hold a conversation.

Nope. Fuck that.

I need the alpha counterpart.

In my entire life, I have only been sunk by alpha females. Sure, I have had each flavor, but the only ones I ever fell hard for had drive, brains, and never asked for permission to get shit done in life.

But this is where you need to trust me, Kitten. I need you to step out of your comfort zone now. I need you to release that role to me.

I need you to give yourself to me.


Every single stress you have, don’t worry Babygirl, I have you. Every time you second guess something, don’t worry, because I have you.

You are mine now.

It’s my job to be the lead. In bed. In life.

Every little worry you have, I need you to hand over to me. Place your stresses into my hands because you help me define who I am when you do.

Every little task I issue you, I want you to not worry, but trust I already thought it through. Every assignment, thought about with vision and care, all with a purpose to bring you closer to me.

When you I put the blindfold over your eyes, just trust me. When I bind your wrists to your inner thighs, just remember, I am doing this for Us, not me. When a flogger slaps your already swollen and wet cunt from the excessive orgasms that rocked you, just moments earlier, I am well aware it stings, but it is to build your trust in me, that you would never have given me otherwise unless I took it.

When I stretch your holes with a toy pressed against your clit and my cock inside you, wedging my fingers deep inside each hole, pounding away at your cervix, in the wettest state you have ever known. When I do this, you will cum hard and twist and turn and cry out “I can’t take any more”, yet you will not ask me to stop.

When I unbind you, pull you up to my glazed cock with a leash around your collared neck, make you taste your lady juices dripping down my balls, expect you to look up at me and smile in gratitude, there is something happening right now in your nonverbal communication that is very, very significant.

When you do this, you are dropping your alpha.

You are giving me your subdued, submissive side.

Your body; red and representing tomorrow’s bruises. Your face; grateful and happy. Your chin; with my cum seeping down it. Your cunt; beating like a drum.

You gave yourself to me.

I am the lead, Kitten. I am your Daddy.

Now follow me.

Because you are mine now.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.