Calm the Oceans

You find yourself face down and hands bound in front of you. Your nerves on pins and needles, while your body language is now telling me that you’ve never done this sort of thing before.

Mere moments away from crossing over into the world you’ve so vividly visualized and ached for, finally finding the man that you feel comfortable and safe releasing yourself into.

You are Madonna right now, being touched for the very first time in so many ways. Sure, you’ve had sex before, but you’ve never had exposure and vulnerability that comes close to this in your life.

Completely on edge, your tense physiology magnifies your racing mind, and you could not be appearing more anxious if you tried.

You are but a little girl again inside, standing in line, terrified to ride that roller coaster that you’ve convinced yourself you must conquer. Looking around, you are wondering why everyone else is so excited, yet you are afraid, as the line inches forward, step by step, praying to God the ride stops working so that you don’t have to face your fears.

But then, in your most terrified state, my voice enters your mind and sets you at ease in just a few short words.

It makes you feel okay inside.

“Kitten. I will always take care of you,” I say.


“You have nothing to fear.”

As you drift into a feeling of safety now, you find the peace and now feel at home, and you think to yourself, “His voice could calm the oceans.”

You stop being that scared little girl and find your strength, now the alpha woman, braving the dread that consumed you, using my voice as your beacon home. You sink into calmness as the clamps tighten around your wrists and you smell my cologne, feel my breath, and feel my words pass through your veins like a safe audible fluid.

The tight grip on the base of your scalp is embraced by you with the ambition of a raging bull. Somebody just found her inner intensity and now is just waiting with impatience for the next thing Daddy is bringing to her most delicate and soft body parts.

A hard crack on your ass and the sounds you elate are almost matched in the excitement by the wetness now dripping from your pussy lips. My Kitty Cat just can’t contain herself now, and it makes my cock hard and press into my pants seeing the want in your changed demeanor.

Just a mere few moments ago she was a bundle of nerves and now here she is ready to take on the world, subdued and bound, physically making no sense whatsoever, but she has an air of brave audacity that is infectious to watch, never more at peace in her paradox.

The wand slides underneath you and the weight of your body securing 110-volts of electricity jolting through your clit to every last nerve ending. I spit on a plug and press it into your ass and smack you red across your bottom, over and over, forcing you to prop your ass up so I can drive my digits as deep as I can inside your soaking wet pussy.

Nipple clamps secured on your tits and I tell you to bite the chain.

Pull on them,” I say. “Pull. Harder.”

As your ass is pointing upward, I pull out thick tape, and secure the wand to your clit and click up the dial. Meanwhile what was two fingers inside of you now becomes four, and your tight wet kitty is stretched to the brink, ass plugged, clit buzzing into a supersonic frenzy, and you are cumming so fast and so many times you don’t even know what the fuck hit you.

I fill your pussy with vibrating balls, grab the remote, and walk around you so I can fuck your facehole. For some reason, when I fuck your face, it always shocks me how much you love it. Seeing how happily slutty it makes you feel always makes me do a mental double-take. As saliva waterfalls down your neck, I have the sense I’m violating you until I see the comfort consuming you and I always take note in my mind of the sheer joy you speak with your eyes.

Walking around the back of you, I see a woman bent over, on her knees and elbows, hands bound, jewelry shining back at me from her ass, with the symmetry of artistic grace. I remove the wand and pull the balls from your drenched pussy and soak my hand in the process.

I stuff my fingers inside your mouth, grip your cheek from the back like I just hooked a bass, grab your hair by the base of the scalp with my other hand, and feed your perfect pussy my hard thick cock, beating away at your insides with the anger of possessed demon.

Cumming inside you is a necessity. Fuck, I almost hope you end up with a bun in the oven because I’d spend the rest of my life like I just did if I could.

My voice was the catalyst. But it was always inside you, little one.

I just had to bring it out.