Like Disco Lemonade

Hangin’ round downtown by myself

And I had too much caffeine
 And I was thinkin’ ‘bout myself
 And then there she was

In platform double suede
 Yeah there she was
 Like disco lemonade

I smell sex and candy here
 Who’s that lounging in my chair
 Who’s that casting devious stares
 In my direction

Mama this surely is a dream
 Yeah mama this surely is a dream
 Yeah mama this surely is a dream

- Marcy Playground, Sex And Candy

I smell sex and candy, here.

Delicious sweet candy. As I pull your panties down, push you onto the bed, put my hands beneath the backs of your legs, and run my tongue along your inner thighs and labia, I feel like have been teleported into Candy Land.

I get a slight taste of your salt and I just crossed the Gum Drop Pass. I catch a little of your wonderful scent and we are in the Lollipop Woods. I am going to take you to the Candy Castle, Kitten. Just lay back and let me guide you.

It’s like Halloween met Wonka heaven when I taste you. I mean this, in the truest fucking non-sarcastic sense. I absolutely love love love the scent and taste of a woman’s pussy. Fuck! Kills me every time.

You have no idea what a woman’s taste and the scent does to me. Wipes me out and electrifies me at the same time. I could bury my face in your sweet wetness and never come up for air.

It is the only thing in the world that as you eat more, you become starving for it. As soon as I taste you I am dying inside to see your little legs curl up and cum for me. Just when you do, you can bet your sweet little ass I am bringing more.

My trick or treat bag is not full yet. Not even close. I need more candy. I need the whole store now. I need every last piece.

Devouring your wet beating pussy, I need to see you curl up again. Shake like a leaf because the last time, I pulled six orgasms out of your body before I ever took my mouth off your clit. Don’t believe me? Well, Wonka says ‘we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams’, and my next dream is eight because odd numbers never sit well with me.

So just shut up, lay back, and let me test my resolve through your Candy Land. Curl up, and again, and again, and again, and infinity.

Now it’s time that you meet my magic fingers. What, you didn’t think I was done with you yet, did you? Oh, you should know me better by now. Be my little ring pop, Kitty Cat. I want the bed soaked and I intend to not falter in this area, so I suggest you just get in the right headspace of being taken and stay there awhile as I run your body off a cliff.

Hard thick cock deep inside you and I get to see the exhaustion in your eyes from the seemingness endless onslaughts of orgasms that wrecked your body as I tested my own willpower against myself.

The unexpected slap on your tits and pretty little face, then fingering your clit, spit in your mouth, squeeze your tits, choke you, and fuck all the problems in the world right up your reddened little-wet spot.

Pull out just before I cum, run my tongue along your beating pussy one last time and then fill your mouth with my cock drenched in your candy.

Tastes good, doesn’t it?

Like disco lemonade.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.