Craving You

The Romantic Dominant
Oct 2 · 5 min read
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Some days.

Some days, you just feel alive more than other days. Those are good days to write, I have come to find.

You see, some days, the primal scream inside of me is so deafening that I fear it would shatter glass if it were audible.

Some days. Well, some days, I just want you so fucking bad I can taste it. It’s those days, like tonight, as I stand outside feeling winter closing in, my fingers getting numb as I type, hoping I get the thoughts out fast enough to let you know what I am thinking.

It is days like these that I thank God that I am the man I am.

Passion never leaves my body for long. Eventually, it surfaces again with a vengeance, the blood begins to boil, and the Dominant gene within me goes into planning mode. That’s a very dangerous version of me to come into contact with, as you will find, Kitten.

This version of me is when I start visualizing the moment when I see you walking towards me, and I imagine what I will do when the most stunning woman I ever laid eyes on is walking towards me.

It is when I start seeing the moment when I have you alone.

My hand reaches down to unlock the door; I open it for you, I ogle my prize as I watch you walk in front of me when I see your slender frame and brunette hair cross my path.

I already know what I’m going to do to you when I close and lock the door behind me. This is a very dangerous man to encounter — one who has time to plan, internally filled with boiling blood, and a deep and sinful primal lust developing more and more each day.

Thump, thump, thump.

A drumbeat is beginning to surface, getting louder as each day inches closer and closer to us.

Closer, yet again, for the moment I toss you down onto the bed, pull your clothes violently off your body, kiss you like I love you, kiss you like I hate you, then take my lips and place my mouth over your already sodden cunt that I’ve been edging for a week leading up to this very moment.

I see myself and I am staring into your eyes. Staring into your eyes from down between your legs, my beard hairs making your inner thighs tingle, watching for when I see that moment when your legs begin to twitch. When your knees start pushing in, and then out.

That’s when I stop, look up at you, and say the words that you hate to love.

“No. You cannot cum yet.”

These are mine to give you and we will build you up the way I want to build you up. We will make you climb and climb until you cannot see straight anymore.

It might be hours from now. It might be minutes. It could be tomorrow.

But when it happens, I will know when I see it. I will know. And when I see it in your eyes, that is when I will double down.

I will know you can’t take one more moment of it. You can’t stand it any longer — it just feels too damn good.

And that is when I will release you.

Like a Roman Candle launched into the sky, you’ll explode and it’s Daddy that will have lit your fuse. My Orgasm will rip right through your body and you will resemble a possessed woman during an exorcism when it happens.

You’ll crash down to the ground from the atmospheres and you will look to me and say “thank you” with your eyes.

I’ve seen this look before, but not like I will know it soon.

You see, you don’t know what I have in store for you, Little One. You believe that you might know, but you don’t have any idea — trust me on that.

I’ve deliberately misled you because your Daddy savors surprises.

My dearest “E,” the one thing you know about me more than anything else is that I live for the moment when I can claim you.

I live for passion.

I live, for finding that sweet spot where we are dancing between netherworld and heavens, pulling you in just enough to push you away, all so I can grip the soul of the beautiful brunette goddess who I live to make feel the best things that this life has to offer.

I adore you, through and through.

I must deliver, for you.

I define my worth through what I give you, and tonight, I am starting the foreplay for what will be the most memorable time of your life. Soon, my sweet Kitten, I will own you in a way you never fathomed was possible.

You will shed your skin and every wall you ever built will come crumbling down. Mine will too. Nobody will speak our language, quite literally, and we will dive deeper than ever into the mind, body, and soul of the other than we ever have before.

Thump, thump, thump.

The drumbeat is sounding in your head now, my sweet Orange Sky.

Thump, thump, thump.

Soon, you will be lying on your back as my tongue and lips perform a symphony upon your clit. My fingers will be the woodwinds, making your G spot beg for release as I roll my fingertips so adeptly inside of you, pulling and pushing with a rhythm so flawless that I will own you within minutes.

Your back will arch like you are trying to fly away, but I will not let you.

You will crave so badly to be filled by the hard cock between my legs, currently thickening up as I type this. You will look at me with those pleading eyes to just come and fuck you already.

I will consider it, but not really.

Inside, I’ll make you squirm a little longer. I’ll make you crave me, a bit more. I’ll force you to ache so deeply within your soul that you find you need to choose between your submission and using your voice to scream furiously at me to just “come fuck” you already.

I want you to beg for it — with your words.

Use your words, My Kitten. Use them.

Tell me which hole you want to offer. Tell me, in your slutty little language which way you need to be fucked. Say, and when you do…

Say it like a slut.

The Romantic Dominant

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Passion. Love. D/s and erotica from a male perspective. Middle-aged American Dominant. Read-Enjoy-Touch. Very taken, by an Orange Sky.

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