Be Pretty

Femininity. A word that phonetically sounds dumb but is just so beautiful to understand. I haven’t written about this in a while, but I genuinely am just so in awe of the female form and the beauty that resides in a woman.

Her smells. Her batted eyes. The fact that when I exert my will, I can bend her any way I want. Her curled up lips into a smile so subtle but so strong it could make me fall apart inside.

She giggles. She laughs. She gets angry. She hates when I think it’s hot when she gets angry. I can’t help it. Everything about a woman is such a display of perfection in my eyes.

She just levels me.

So when she does those things that only girls do, it makes me want her that much more. This is the essence of why being a girly girl is so hot to a man.

Because it is unique to only a woman.

Lotion all over your naked body when you leave the shower. Perfume on your soft skin. Eyeliner and mascara on your gorgeous eyes. Lip liner and lipstick on your tasty lips.

Just be a girl.

Because when you do, I am revving up inside. I’m going to show you what it is for me to be a man.

Get the fuck over here.

Gripping your hair. Hands around your neck, up against a wall. Kiss you like you have the last breath in the world and I am out of air.

Fingered until you buckle. And again, one more time because I fucking said so. Eat your ass, pussy, and everything that makes you shiver until you just can’t shiver anymore and then keep on going.

Spread your beautiful lips and shove myself deep inside you until that next orgasm is making you have a life-altering experience right before my eyes.

You are fucking mine.

So just be all girly. Go ahead. Because I kinda need to be all manly, right up inside your sweet little pussy.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.