Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom

The Romantic Dominant
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“You are such a good girl,” is the first thought that I have upon entering the room, as I find you just as I had commanded. Welling up with a sense of pride, but I cannot show you my gratification just yet, as I look down to see heaven awaiting me in the flesh. You’ve done just as I’ve challenged you to do, but I cannot yet show you how proud I am of you; that part will have to wait.

Lying on the bed, face up, completely naked and exposed, as vulnerable as you have ever been, I walk in to gaze upon you and find you blindfolded. Your arms and legs spread as wide as you can go, sprawled out in the figure of an X.

The music of Pink Floyd plays as our backdrop, and I sip the last remnants of a lowball glass of WhistlePig 15-year rye, soaking in the beauty of your naked feminine form while thanking God with my internal voice that I’m living inside this very moment right now.

The song I’ve been waiting for kicks in.

🎵 “We don’t need no education.” 🎵

The vocals of Roger Waters howl from the stereo at a deafening volume, drowning out the sounds of my footsteps, intentionally masking out the noises that would make you aware of my position in the room. My black leather shoes kicked off and I grab ahold of four velcro cuffs, intent to affix them to the straps at each end of the harness adjacent your bare, naked, delicate limbs.

🎵”We don’t need no thought control.”🎵

Thinking to myself, “your left hand, then the right, and finally your ankles”; this will be the order in which I’ll bind you to the bed. My game plan is already in motion.

Soft fur now touches your skin and then tightens around it. You jump at the first signs of human contact, as my firm hand clutches your wrist and you feel my skin against your body.

“Oooh,” you shout abruptly.

It is at this moment that you realizing that you are not alone in the room anymore. Until now, you’ve just seen black, felt the coolness of the air conditioning on your naked body, laid there like a good girl, and heard the ominous classic rock that will now carry a completely different meaning the next time you hear it.

But I am here now. Yes, now I am in your presence.

Now — is what you have been waiting for.

A minute has passed since I touched your wrists and you are firmly secured to the cuffs, and the classic chorus repeats again.

🎵 “No dark sarcasm in the classroom.”🎵

These lyrics, above all others, speak very intensely to me.

“Oh, poor thing,” I think to myself. “Dark sarcasm in the classroom is exactly what is going to be happening soon.”

“Dark sarcasm is what will be driving your submissive soul to its limits, in a very short moment from now. I am really not a nice man. I may love you with everything I am and be a big softie for you most of the time, but right now — I not a nice man — and you should remember that. I am going to play with the deepest recesses of your body and mind as if you are my toy. I am going to make you come alive in a way you never knew you could; in a way, that you had no idea was even possible. I am going to make you ask yourself so many questions, self-pondering your depth, and somehow always coming back with the same answer — Yes. Yes, you can.”

Leaning over you, I firmly speak into your ear, “I’m going to teach you a lesson, little one.” Unable to see your eyes, the look on the lower half of your face tells me everything that I would need to know about your mindset.

I see that you are scared, yet somehow excited. I see that you are worried about what is coming, but anxious that it cannot come soon enough.

The falls of the flogger strike your exposed pussy lips and clit with an accuracy that should frighten you, causing a sting to awaken every part of your body. You are in for it now and you know it, and this very thought starts to consume you. The emotional foreplay is in full effect, and I look down and can see that it has already soaked your pussy from just anticipating it. The anticipation is what is consuming you now.

🎵”Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.”🎵

The lyrics make me laugh inside, causing pause for a moment until I reach for the Thunderstick wand, place it between your already soaked lips, and press upward on the dial until it won’t go any further.

“Oh my fuuuuucking God,” you shout.

Holding it there, I say “you are very welcome, my Dear,” rife with dark sarcasm.

Flipping around like you’ve been electrified, a fully-lubed plug fills your dainty little ass while I stand over you and take in the sheer beauty of you. I am still fully-dressed, but erect now, as my hardness is pressing into the jeans containing me. Pulling my cock out and stroking it unbeknownst to you, staring down at a gorgeous woman reaching orgasms at a rate that makes it impossible to quantify them.

A chain fixed to nipple clamps. Nipple clamps, fixed to your sensitive skin, and finally, my favorite part, the chain stretched upward and placed into your mouth.

“Pull on it for me,” I say with authority.

“What? Well…ummm…well?” you barely speak coherently.

“You heard me. Don’t pretend like you didn’t,” as a flogger slaps your kitty to remind you that class is in session, and in this classroom, we believe in spankings.

You bite down like a good girl, pull, moan in agony, then moan in elation, and then ironically you cum at the same time. The powerful wand continued to work its magic on you and you are shaken by an orgasm yet again, and yet again, your orgasms are delivered to you against your will.

Mounting you in this state is the privilege of Greek Gods.

You are spent, wiped-out, completely soaked to the point you have made a mess on the bed, here you are, never more needy at the same time. You have just cum more times than you can fathom, but you are missing something and you ache intensely for it. Your kitty — your sacred hole — is just aching to be filled. Your legs are unclasped from the harness now, lifted upward to be pressed against my now bare chest.

Dripping wet, the wand is tossed aside, though your ass is still full with the plug, partially for your own pleasure, but if I am being honest, it’s partly because I love the way my cock feels inside your kitty when your ass is stretched to the brink.

My hands now grip your neck and you hear my words again as I speak with a command, “bite down on the chain and pull again for me.” By now you’ve come to love the sensation on your breasts, and as soon as you reach the apex, I shove my hard cock deep inside your wet garden. As I press as deep inside you as your body will allow me, the head of my cock meets your end and the noises in this moment could not be more perfect.

“God, I’m addicted to your noises,” I think.

I’ve saved my breath for long enough now, so I fuck you as hard as I possibly can go, ignoring my lungs are burning and tightening my grip around your tiny neck, then flipping off your blindfold so I can soak in the shocked and fulfilled look in your beautiful eyes. That look I have to know so well it wakes me up at night and feeds my soul as I type this. I fuck the ever-loving daylights out of your perfect pussy and watch you cum again and again with me inside you, but these orgasms are the special ones.

We cum together at last, but I never leave your pussy, and I go limp inside you as my cum spills out of your pussy, running across your plug, and I kiss you like I mean it.

Aftercare is a must, as I kiss your mouth, tend to your body, and reassure your mind that my world starts and stops with you.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.

The Romantic Dominant

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Erotica from a male perspective. Middle-aged American Dominant. Read-Enjoy-Touch. Website: www.the-romantic-dominant.com. Medium archive: http://bit.ly/2E5NQQp

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