Don’t Masquerade With The Guy In Shades

The Romantic Dominant
Jun 27 · 3 min read
Image by Shibari Kinbaku from Pixabay

Kneeling in front of me, completely naked, the hardwood that is pressing into your knees has got to be taking its toll on you by now.

Just the vision of your body’s symmetry is seared into my mind for an eternity, as I look down at you in the literal sense, but only in the literal sense.

I’m doing my best to allow the scene to unfold, to enable you to just find your home in the heaven you’ve found at my feet when everything inside me feels like I am containing fireworks inside my stomach. I am ready to burst at any moment and just grab you by the hair, toss you on the bed, strap you down and bring you the most intense feelings you’ve ever known to your body.

“My fucking God do I want you,” I think.

But I wait. I keep waiting.

I know patience is a virtue in moments like these. Anticipation is like a sex toy right now. I’m an artist, painting my masterpiece with your will to be taken, making you beg inside your mind as I tell myself, “no, just a little bit longer. Just wait a little bit more.”

You are glistening between your legs and I don’t even have to check to know it.

Drenched, in a meditative state of mind, I wonder what you are thinking and if you’ve noticed how wet you’ve become, or are you just inside your subby state of mind? All these thoughts are rifling through my mind at a mile a minute, yet somehow on the exterior, I look calm and collected. Somehow, some way, I still carry the stoic demeanor that sets your mind at ease.

I am not like other men and you know it well; I’m absorbing every part of you with each passing breath I take. I am different because I cannot turn off the music in my head. There is but a constant drumbeat within me, seeking to find another level of you in every way I possibly can.

Whether it be the task to touch your kitty at a stoplight, the clothes I pick out for you, the words I write or the way I squeeze your neck when you cum — reaching that deeper side of you is not a desire, but a must for me.

A need — in the deepest sense of the word.

Eventually, my patience wears thin, I grip your hair and yank, lifting your head to look at me and you see it in my eyes that it’s Daddy’s time now to have his way with you. I’m going to make your pussy throb and beat like a rave, soon to be relentlessly cumming, and I know exactly what the fuck to do when I am determined. And you can bet your sweet little ass that I am determined.

Tossed down and my three fingers dance inside you and stretch you as I find the thick spit deep within my throat, cover my cock with it, lather up your ass, I press my dick into your backside and push harder until we feel the pop.

The push inside you is like I just got my passport stamped at your port of entry. I hold there for a moment and I soak in that first moan of pain mixed with pleasure that you let out, then press deeper, and soon enough you are full in both holes with my other hand gripping your neck.

I can see it in your eyes you have no words for this sensation. Curling my fingertips upward, motioning to you to come here, my thumb now on your clit spinning a record and my cock filling your ass, you have lost all sense of this world and I’m owning you in every second that passes.

You cum more times than you once believed was possible, and I fill you with my cum, petting your head as my last drips fall out of you.

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