My Collared Sub: Part II

You are the book I can’t put down.

I could read the pages day in and day out, every single minute of the day, yet the story never seems to tire. I dive a little deeper each day into the magnificent chapters in the story of you, eagerly awaiting the next chapter, the next arc, the next little piece of You.

My beautiful collared sub.

As I write this, I know that your latest tasks have you wetter than normal, don’t they? You ache for me as I do you, although only I get to see that part. Reciprocation, though I repeat it like a mantra, has never been a question with you and me.

You give me all of you. You have, all of me.

I know you look down, all day long at your delicate feminine wrist, constantly reminded of the man who wells up in pride that he owns you. You log into your little navy blue app each day, you click the writings tag to see what latest lust-filled love letter I wrote to you, all so you can see who publicly claims you.

I do. I claim you, in every way I can. If there is a way I haven’t thought of yet, just wait, because that will come too.

You are the centerpiece.

The story is our story.

I often wonder what the next chapter looks like. Will it be a new monumental step? A new twist in the saga of us. Will it be something big, or something passionate?

I like to imagine it will be you kneeling, looking up to Daddy, with those beautiful eyes that melt me like butter. When I touch your lip, put my fingers inside your delicious mouth, you moan an ache of elation, all right before you encompass the head of my cock with the apparent happiness I see in your elegant face.

I like to think it is when I hold you down by the neck and shove my hard cock inside of you, watching your face speak to me as if it were saying the words “finally!”. Your expressions, saying to me, that you have been dying to have me inside you and that you haven’t felt whole since the last time I was one with you. Since the last time, I entered you. Since the last time, I made you cum. Since the last time, I flooded you with my seed.

So, my love. Ache for me, as I do you. Soon enough, we will be one again.

I love you.


Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.