If I Could Kiss You Right Now

I told myself: “No new writings today.”

I have a ton of things to do and writing here seems pretty trivial when I consider all that is on my plate. Pushing buttons on a laptop for the touchy demographic is hardly a good use of my time when I look at my to-do list.

Nevertheless, I feel a need to tell you that “If I could kiss you right now, I’d probably never stop.”

I’d hold you and let you collapse into me. Every worry you have in your brilliant mind would be on my shoulders now and I’d welcome it all with pride.

I would make you feel my love.

I’d be your rock. Your Protector. Your foundation. Your safe place. Your home.

I’d make you feel my intensity from your toes to the follicles on your beautiful delicate head as my lips met yours and your breasts pushed into my chest.

I’d make you know — as deep as you have ever known — what it feels like to be taken care of, protected, listened to, and held, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The passion you thought you knew before would feel small. The power I’d show you would flood through your body and you’d have no choice but to succumb to the sheer magnitude of my adoration for the very existence of you.

Yeah. That’s what I’d do.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.