“I’m Going To Mark You Now”

“I’m Going To Mark You Now”

“Climb over my knee, bend over, and pull your panties down,” I said. “I’m going to mark you now.”

She looked at me with a stunned, yet excited look.

I could see her doing the math in her head, frantically figuring out on how she’d hide her marks that would paint her ass for the next week.

She started considering quickly, “will I be going swimming? No. Will anyone see the bruises? How would they see? Umm…oh shit, I can see it looks like I’m stalling now. Fuck. I better say something. Fuck, I better just…”

“It looks like you are stalling,” I said. “Now I’m not really asking, so bend over my fucking knee already.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says with a smile.

But in a weird way, I could see that the simple act of saying “Yes” and not worrying about it anymore was part of the release in her.

Climbing up over me, pulling her panties down and dress up, the good girl / bad girl giggle that every submissive knows intimately started. A naked, feminine, delicate and sexy ass pointing upward, staring right back at me. Not many things in life are sexier than this.


“Oooh,” she jumps.

Another. And another. And another.

These are stinging my hand but I’d rather die than let her know — the last thing we need right now is a conversation about my hand.

At this moment comes the release insider her. The “ooohs” and “aaahs” from her that accompany her rapture, as my hand meets her ass at least fifty times, is what send her into another world. Smack. Smack.

I don’t understand it and I don’t pretend to — like many parts of seeing a submissive feel release, as a Dom, you just guide her and appreciate the beauty in her euphoria.

The escape I see in her face and the sounds I hear in her voice — this is what I sink into.

You see, this is the interesting thing about spanking. As a Dom, sure it is fun, but the best part is witnessing what she gets out of it. It is the paradox that makes it so worthwhile.

As each sting graces her ass, something happens to her that you really can’t explain until you’ve had a woman over your knee, reached up, swung your hand down over and over, and watched the elation consume her.

Her reward comes right now, as each “oooh” and “aaah” is uttered from her lips.

Mine, comes now, then again in 30 minutes as she walks by me, or tomorrow, or three days from now when she sends me a picture of her battered and bruised ass, and I well-up in pride because my girl fucking begged me for another spank that sent her into a world only she knows, and I see those marks I put on her ass.

Smack. Smack. The oohs and ahhs and verbal calls of “Oh Daddy, another.”

Something territorial. Caveman-esque. Something that speaks to my core as a man, dating back to the hunter and gatherer days, exists within me as I mark a woman with my strength. I want to see my handprints on your ass and I want you to fucking beg me for more.

Beg. Just beg for more.