I’m Your Huckleberry…

Just Say When

You really should be afraid of me by now, Miss Reader.

After all, I really want to do bad things to you. You see my little darling, I started the foreplay a long time ago, and you didn’t even realize it was happening. Shame shame, little one.

Don’t believe me?

Go ahead and check your panties for me right now. You are looking for something specific. It’s an answer.

Do you know what you will find? You will find out that I am right.

You see, I entered inside your body in your most delicate of delicate parts: your mind. The beautiful mind you so carefully protected, keeping safe from other men. The wonderful landscape that is your thoughts and imagination. Your sinful lusts and darkest desires.

You had no idea I was inside you already.

Worst of all, I did so with a shitty grin on my face and a warning, and you ate it up like it was a feast. I told you the whole time it was happening and you just didn’t listen.

You touched, you played, you asked for more, and you rubbed that beautiful pussy when I entered you.

But I am warning you again Miss Reader, I want to enter all your parts. Every hole. Every zone.

Every last bit of what makes you who you are — I want to devour it, whole.

I want all of you and I want it raw.

You should heed my danger sign because I know exactly what to do with you when you are in my grasp. Don’t dare enter my personal space because you may never want to leave it.

You are playing with fire now. I can make your body do backflips while you can’t peel yourself off the ground. It’s a talent that has taken years to perfect. Doubt my claims? Good. Stay with that idea. Just tell yourself that, because it’s better for you in the long run.

But I know…I will kiss you like the movies made you hope for as a teen and I will make you weak in the knees when it happens.

I will put my fingers inside your mouth. You will taste my salt and remember it when I am gone. You will thirst for my salinity. Pine for my taste. Ache for my scent. I will take your saliva on my fingers and rub your clit like you didn’t know a man could.

You will buckle. You will fold. I will hold you up and you will remember immediately when you grasp at my arms and shoulders as they support you, that I work on keeping them strong for these moments specifically.

I will devour your clit and you will kick your legs in a spasm while I make you cum and as you look down, you will be met by a pair of hazel green irises that never stopped looking away. That never blinks. And when you look at me devouring your wetness, you will cum again from the sheer magnitude of the feeling of my intensity and internal want for more of you.

I’ll bind you. I’ll spank you. I’ll finger you into a near comatose state. I’ll make every dirty book you ever read come to life in omnicolor and surround sound. Every book you read after me will bring a smile and a new memory.

Every man after me will make you think of me. Every man before me will be forgotten.

I will feed you my demon seed as I pound your tight, wet, now-throbbing holes and I will watch you smile the most honest smile that ever met your face. You will giggle because you don’t know the words to say. I will see it, recognize it for what it is, and it will make me want you more.

Yeah, I’m your man. That man you’ve been looking for.

I’m your Huckleberry…

Just say when.

Originally published at The Romantic Dominant.