The Romantic Dominant
Jun 1 · 3 min read

The big bad alpha woman, with her “what I know” juxtaposed her “what I feel,” embracing the dissonance like it’s a fucking 5-star steak dinner.

“Why do I want this?”, she asks herself. “Why, fucking why do I need to kneel for him?”

“What is it about this that allows me to release? Fucking why!?”

My hand extends out to pet your head and the hair on my arm stands at full attention. My stomach sinks like a stone and my heart fills up.

My eyes, void of emotion just a mere moment ago now so hot they could melt butter. I look down at you as your face is looking to the floor, and I am consumed by the full weight of a million emotions, all at once.

Pride in the rawest form, the willingness to nurture you, the eagerness to ravage you, and the discipline to not allow myself to do so just yet. The desire to learn you deeper wins out and I study you like a book.

I am full at this moment.

Completely consumed, and you have no idea what the man sitting above you is thinking, while my head is spinning, and my heart is pounding, I now ride a roller coaster from the simple act of seeing you finding peace at my feet.

What is happening inside your mind at this moment is a puzzle to me, but all I need to know is that you need it, find peace in it, so I find it too.

Eventually one of my emotions wins out, and the desire to ravage you crushes the rest. I grab you by your hair and pull you to your knees, kiss you like the Greeks only wrote about. I force every emotion bottled up inside of me onto your lips like I was born for nothing else.

A quick and firm squeeze at the meat of your pussy and you remember very quickly who you are dealing with. The thought shoots across your mind soon are going to be in for it, and I don’t half-ass what’s coming next.

Soon, very soon, your hands will be balled up clutching the sheets for dear life as I work my magic on your wet pussy. As I do everything in the body my god gave me to suck your soul through your clit and see orgasms flood over you, one by one, over and over, determined like never before to make you quiver for me. Your orgasms have now become like the air feeding my lungs. There is no other option for me; I need them to survive.

Gripping your neck, pummeling your G with my fingers, you are squirming and squirming and I’ve all but lost the emotions of caretaker and completely embraced my inner caveman.

I want to fuck you — hard — and there is no other thought process I’ll allow to take root when I have you like this. You are my prey now. A nice hard slap across your tits and I shove my hard cock inside you to watch you find heaven and hell in the dick inside you, green eyes staring into you searching for the destination of your spirit.

I fucking want you and am not ever slowing down until my cum bubbles out of your throbbing pussy. Never in a million years will I nudge. I’m all testosterone and I need to see you cum one more time from the sheer force of my dick pushing into your cervix.

“Cum for me,” I say. “Cum now.”

And like I was firing a gun at a race, your legs shudder and your eyes roll back and you feed me one more of your body quakes so I can finally unload inside you.

The Romantic Dominant

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